Saturday, March 27, 2010

Exhausting Day

Friday was exhausting! Dave took a vacation day and we had an absolutely lovely, but exhausting, day. Nolan had a bottle and the pacifier. He played a bit in his activity mat and did some tummy time (lay the kid on his stomach and watch him squirm until he melts down). He also has a clogged tear duct or something causing goop in his eye, so he has to battle me wiping it with warm water several times a day (which he really does NOT like). Another first, that already has been added to his baby book, is his first trip to the Wood N Tap, the restaurant where Dave and I met on our first date, where we had our rehearsal dinner and where we spend many of our monthaversary celebrations. And Nolan was a champ! He slept through our meal without a peep! So fun! But very exhausting for both of my boys- God, aren't they both precious?

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