Sunday, February 21, 2010

What a great weekend!

Wow, from a last chance trip to Babies R Us where I 'completed my registry' and dinner with Jenn on Friday, taking care of business on Saturday, plus a UCONN Women's basketball game and dinner at Tapas (more on that later) and today, brunch with Jenn, Cathy and Jenna- I am filled with love and happiness (and food).

On Saturday Dave and I took care of so much work. We cleaned the house, washed the final baby stuff, took things out of packages, plugged things in and finished setting up our house for this baby. We also had dinner at Tapas, a great, though unfortunately very baby-unfriendly restaurant. The place is loud, crowded and just not where you can bring a baby in a carrier and sit it on a chair. We enjoy this place a lot but it won't be a place we go out on our 'date nights' when we have a baby sitter. It's not that kind of place. I suspect we'll order take out from it though!

My sorry attempts to stalk to police officer to inspect our car seats have ended. I give up. I'm so utterly disappointed (yes, some tears were shed) but we did find that a store called USA Baby will inspect them for $15 each (free if you bought the car seat there). So we have an appointment Tuesday to get that done. THEN we're ready to have this kid.

I'm feeling really well. My hand is still bothering me (very swollen, achy and stiff) but other than that I feel fine. Next doctors appointment is tomorrow.

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