Monday, February 15, 2010

Packed Bags

My bags are packed. The doctors have been telling me for two weeks now I should pack. I'm not sure what to pack so I didn't do it. After asking lots of questions I've got a packed bag. It includes some tshirts, pants, a fleece, socks, undies, a book, some paperwork and toiletries. I have a list on top of the bag which includes: camera and charger, cell phone and charger.

We discussed if we wanted to bring the baby home in something special or if we wanted to not fuss over it. We decided on not fussing about it. This is what we have packed for the little one:

A footed outfit, a non-footed outfit, some socks, a sweater and 4, yes four, hats. We've got the 'It's a boy' and 'It's a girl' hat. Also the Notre Dame hat and a knit/winter hat that matches the sweater. The car seat carrier has a little sack, like a sleeping bag, that buckles into it so we don't need to have a coat to bring it home in.

In my opinion there is only one more thing for us to do- have the carseat checked by an inspector. I'm pretty sure mine is in right, but not sure about Dave's.

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  1. I highly recommend bringing your own pillows with you too. The hospital ones were so thin I sent Doug home the second day to get mine. So excited for you!! Won't be long now