Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lightening Fast

On the list of things we want to do before we have a baby was to get a new computer. Ours was old and slow and annoying at times. It occasionally would freeze up and we'd have to power down and power back up again. It didn't have enough memory to handle some of the things other devices that hook into the computer should do (like download a movie onto my ipod).

So in typical fashion, after we got our taxes done we swung by Best Buy for a new computer (last year it was a new camera after taxes). We walk in, tell the computer guy we want to buy a computer and 20 minutes later we have this lightening fast, shiny new computer.

I suspect computers are like sneakers. And many other things. You don't realize how bad/old yours was until you get a new one and it works amazingly better. The photos on this computer are amazing! The screen is so sharp. It's SO Fast and it doesn't sound like a helicopter setting up for lift off. Nope, it makes normal computer sounds.

Yay us! Yay for fun new stuff!

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