Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm a moron

ok. So I am not 37.5 weeks pregnant. Sorry, I thought I was 36.5 weeks pregnant but turns out the time flies! I'm actually begin my 37th week tomorrow. Meaning I finish my 36th week tonight.

While this sounds like a silly thing, it's actually kind of complicated to figure out how many weeks pregnant you are. You count everything based on the week you are starting, but really you aren't that pregnant. Not until you finish that week are you 'that' many weeks pregnant. So when you read the books you read things like, 'in week 30 your baby will grow to the size of a pot roast' but really it won't be a pot roast until 7 days from when you are reading that page.

The doctor has quizzed me on this and have been impressed that I have the right answer. It took Dave weeks of calm explaining but I finally got it figured out. It's not that I miscounted when I wrote that in my past blog, its just that I was lazy and not really thinking about it.

Ah well. My apologies. Due date is March 5, 3 weeks from tomorrow. YIKES!

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