Thursday, February 18, 2010

15 days?! oh my god, how did that happen?

Seriously. It just occurred to me that I am due to give birth in 15 days. That feels really soon. When you say "March 5th" it sounds far away. Today is the 18th, March 5th is next month, there's plenty of time. NO THERE ISN'T PEOPLE!

Februrary is a short month! Do you know what that means? That means I am due two weeks from tomorrow. Two weeks!

I fell into a panic today. There are two last things I need to wrap up before I give birth and they seem to be non pressing issues until today. I got one taken care of and the final one is to get the car seats inspected. So yes, I am practically stalking the officer in our town who does it. I know her work schedule, I know the best way to make this happen- call during her work hours and ask for dispatch to have her meet me somewhere to inspect them. I also know a nearby town's officer's schedule in case I go into labor and this is still lingering. Before I take a shower and shave my legs, I'm driving to the police station and making sure that seat gets inspected for safe and secure installation. Then I'll go home and shave. And eat something. And find the uno cards that have yet to make it into my hospital bag... and then head to the hospital...

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  1. Instead of Uno, you should play 52 card pick up with the nurses!