Friday, January 8, 2010

The Truth

Ok, so here’s the truth. I have had a terribly easy pregnancy. I didn’t experience the sickies, the tiredness, the back pain. I haven’t had cravings, only minor food aversions and weird symptoms. Aside from the emotional ups and downs I experienced (and they were fierce), I am lucky. Now I’m 32 weeks pregnant. And I feel great. Well, ok, I feel good. Sort of. I feel ok but better than most at this point in a pregnancy, I suspect. I’m really exhausted. I think my body temperature has gone up a good 5 degrees starting this week and my hands and feet are slightly swollen. In particular my right hand feels like it’s asleep for most of the day and I can’t seem to grip things as strongly as I could last week.

But, all in all, I still feel good. Those are minor irritants and not really significant in the grand scheme of things. The baby is growing perfectly and I am so excited about the next few weeks of my life. I have some minor plans but am not overbooked. I have a shower being hosted for me in a few weeks that I am super excited about. I have some baby items to pick up from various generous households and I have some post-shower shopping to do and a car seat to install. With my free time I think I’ll just sit and play with my belly. Poor little one seems to be running out of room so it’s funny when it tries to roll over, I can feel it on one side on my belly, then on the other after a flurry of shifting.

I wonder when that ‘nesting’ instinct will kick in… the books assure me this will happen and will gift me with the energy to do all the remaining tasks. This is the first week I really feel really tired. Zonked. When I wake up in the morning I’m already exhausted. The day goes on and I wonder if I can sneak home and lay down. Then I get home and get into my pjs and zone out on the couch until 9, a reasonable bedtime, then head to bed. Maybe I should alter my ‘reasonable bedtime’ to 8…

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