Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions- 2010

What a big year 2010 will be! A baby in early March will certainly change my life in many ways. One of them seems to be that I have no idea or expectation of what 2010 will bring and therefore can't seem to make any resolutions.

I tend to make resolutions every year and a list of things I want to do- projects, trips, events. But this year is different. This year the only goal, not resolution, I have is to run the Hartford Marathon 5k race in November. I think that is a reasonable and reachable goal, that gives me 8 months to go from give-birth to run-race.

In 2010 I also vow to ask for help more often. I'm not all that good at it and most of the time I don't need help, I just need a shorter list of arbitrary things to do with unnecessary deadlines. See, I have this constantly growing list of to-do items in my head and often times that list can feel overwhelming. In reality it isn't overwhelming, but it just feels that way. So maybe I need to make more lists to help prioritize my goals and be more efficient with my time... hmmm... I sense a resolution list growing:

2010 New Years Resolutions
1. Make lists on paper to free up mental space.
2. Allow for others to know what is on that list and show them the pen to use when they are ready to cross it off.
3. Ask for help more often.
4. Don't expect to be perfect.
5. Do not overbook.

Baby Resolutions
1. Shower daily, preferably in the morning
2. Walk, weather permitting, daily
3. Lessen my expectations of myself as a mom.

That last one is pathetic, I know, but lately it seem to me there are many impressive/over-achiever moms. Ones who strive to do everything perfectly and seem to do it effortlessly. I don't remember if my mom did things perfectly or effortlessly. I turned out ok. I think highly of her.

Well, lookie there, I guess I do have some resolutions.

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