Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maternity Tour

I was really excited to tour the hospital. I believed the tour would enable me to get more excited about the birthing process and envision the event more clearly knowing how the room and the area looked. Last night we took a tour of the Labor & Delivery and Maternity wing of the hospital. And I feel… nothing. It’s so weird; I walked out of there thinking nothing. Except how surprised I am there isn’t a specific place for us to park and we just show up, ring the nurses desk and say ‘I’m in labor, let me in’. I understand labor is hard work. I know it is very painful. I know it can take a long time. But I feel no differently after the tour of the hospital than I did before it. I'm still not really looking forward to it.

I am, however, looking forward to the results of the labor. There were itty bitty babies in the nursery and they looked so beautiful. I remember when my first nephew was born, I was amazed at how much happiness his arrival brought to me and to so many other people.- not just his mom and dad. And every baby born since him has brought another bit of love, happiness and beauty into my world. Knowing that our baby will be bringing an overwhelming amount of happiness, not only into our lives, but into the lives of all the people who know and love us is so incredibly beautiful.

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