Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting stuff done

This weekend I made a list of things I/we need to accomplish. Some were serious, like assembling the crib and others were less serious, like eat pancakes (I forgot to do it last weekend). But with all that I wanted to get accomplished, the list was necessary. After 2 weeks of Dave working straight through the weekends and some nights until midnight, poor thing, I felt badly asking him to tackle the list with me, but many of the items on the list are things I shouldn't be doing- like change the lightbulb in the garage.

We discuss the list on Wednesday night and decide to start doing some of it on Thursday and Friday evenings. Thursday we cleaned and straightened up. Friday we had two items on the list: install a shelf in the baby room closet and assemble the crib we were generously given. I got home first and decided the shelf in the closet was a one-person job. The closet is small and the task itself wasn't too tedious. However, one just never knows how something so simple would be.

After drilling the holes and installing the wall anchors I discovered that I can't drill one of the screws all the way into the hole I drilled. So I drill some more, but I'm hitting something behind the wall. Since the bathroom is directly behind the closet, I stop and attempt a different approach. Nothing is working but I have the screw mostly drilled and the shelf seems secure so I move to the final, and seemlingly easy step. But I am boiling up. It is hot in the little closet and I'm breathing heavy just trying to get in position, kneeling on what feels like grains of rice, not a new carpet. So I get to the final screw, the wall anchor goes in perfectly, I screw the bracket on and whaddya know? The screw goes RIGHT THROUGH the hole on the bracket and the bracket falls off the shelf, not securing the shelf, mind you. So now I have a screw, all the way in a wall anchor securing nothing. I try to take the screw out but whatever I do, the wall anchor and screw just spins. I am pissed. And I take advantage of no one being home and yell loud enough to hurt my throat, the F word. I take a deep breath in and then yell a tarzan yell again. Who makes a shelf with screw heads that are smaller than the hole it is designed to secure?! WTF? So I do what feels natural, I take my pants off. I'm DYING of heat in the closet and fuming with fury. And what happens next? Oh Dave comes home. Yep, so I'm kneeling in the closet with no pants on and a nice display of tools at my knees. I beg him not to laugh at me. But he eventually does. I'm exhausted. But with the help of some needlenosed pliers and a screwdriver, I eventually solve this disaster.

Next up, assemble the crib. After dinner. And putting my pants back on. The assembly doesn't go so badly but after we think we can cross that off the list we discover the crib is actually damaged in a way that weakens the stablity of the crib. We can't use it.

Defeated by my two tasks on the list, we add to the list- 'find new crib' and 'assemble new crib'. Later that night we also have to add 'replace leaking toilet'. And at 3:30 on Saturday morning what am I doing? Oh, I'm walking around the first floor to see if the toilet has leaked throughout the whole house and shopping for a crib online. But thankfully my brother/sister-in-law have a crib we can have. So Saturday we pick up the second generously gifted crib (and a ton of gender neutral early baby clothes- thank you!) and a new toilet.

In the end we got everything on our list done, even the items we had to add to it. I guess that's how life is- no matter how hard I plan and arrange, stuff slows me down and things get added to the list. As a planner, this realization is a difficult one. Perhaps it's a lesson to learn about being a mom. No matter what I plan for the day, it may or may not happen. And that's ok. There is always tomorrow. And much of the stuff planned for this weekend had the arbitrary deadline set by me. It could have waited until next weekend. But I suspect there will be more on the list of 'to do's for next week.

Hmmm, is this nesting?

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