Friday, January 22, 2010

Basement Before and After

The basement has been finished for several weeks, I've just been lazy to write this post. And since the basement isn't REALLY finished, the 'work' is complete. Dave painted the walls and we still need to have the carpeting replaced. While I believe the 'after' photos will be even better with new carpeting, I did want to show off the goods on the blog. So here are the before and after photos. Isn't the color (and the sign) fantastic?

I have to say, I am more than pleased with how it looks and the progress of the work. We went with Gene Sampson at Handyman Connection (860-533-3225). You might recall the post about this contractor and his assistant, Igor. I can't put into words what a pleasure (yes, I said pleasure) it was to work with Gene and his team. I felt he offered a very fair proposal, he was very upfront with costs, showed receipts, returned supplies that weren't used on this project and overall did great work. I would highly recommend Gene for any of your small or large projects (we called Gene for a plumbers name when our toilet needed to be replaced and he made it happen at a very reasonable price).

Oh, and they ran into some significant snags such as a crack in our foundation and mold and the ways to fix those new complications that were fair and reasonable. They kept great hours, similar to working hours but they were often still at our house when I got home from work. He almost daily gave me an update with the project and any changes or situations he felt I should know about.

Seriously, consider calling Gene if you have any jobs to do in and around your house. He's fantastic and just an all around really nice guy. His number is 860-533-3225. If you call, please tell him I referred you.

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