Friday, February 27, 2009

Is a male mistress a mister?

I slept in and blew off the gym today. Dave was good, despite my early morning attempt to make him be a slacker with me and went to the gym alone. When he came back, I was half sleeping and he bounded on the bed with a big smile and said, "GUESS what happened last night!?" So I guess 'it snowed?'. And he says, big smile on his face, 'Tom and Giselle got married."

WHAT?! Tommy told me that was all for the press and he wanted to stay my boyfriend. He told me is relationship with Giselle was just to keep the tabloids busy. I mean, come on, what hunky, golden, beautiful being wants to wed a woman like THAT??? Sure, she's a supermodel who owns an island off the coast of Belize. But lets be realistic, when he's old and still golden, gorgeous and firm, will he want to be with her? Did he REALLY want her dogs to be at the wedding, dressed in their finest collars (Dolce and Gabanna) - I never would ask him to do something like that. He wants to be my boyfriend still. Of course he does. He told me so.

Although I suppose now he'd be my Mister.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am an idiot, take two

I've worked hard to not mention my first name or my husband's- also my brother or his family. It's been difficult but I think it's important to have some privacy and somehow writing our names (and the names of my extended family) always seems risky and an invasion or of privacy. That may not make sense to some people, since I blog. But if you google my name, nothing comes up. If you google my maiden name, nothing comes up. And I like it that way. I don't do facebook for the same reasons, because I don't want to be 'found' by people searching for me. If my boss went searching, he wouldn't find this, although I don't write about work. If potential employers (not that I'm looking for a new job) went looking, they probably wouldn't find me.

So I've gone to lengths to remain unnamed, meanwhile I have links to 'my favorite' websites. One of which is our wedding photos. And Lo and Behold, what is that first page? Oh yes, it's our names. I am a complete idiot. Seriously. It's right out there. If you wanted to know my name, you probably could have found it out.

So while I'll continue to not name my brother, and might, out of habit, continue to refer to my husband as: husband or sweetie, I know, you can learn my name from my links. Feel free to enjoy our wedding photos!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Morning Hangover

About 5 years ago, I answered the question of ‘how many drinks do you have, on average, per week?’ asked by my doctor. I thought it out and honestly responded with ‘about 30’. It was true, I would go out at least 3-4 times a week. And the nights I would stay home it was common for me to open (and finish) a bottle of wine in one night (that’s 4 drinks). Weekend nights I guessed I’d have 6-8 drinks. Weekday nights I’d have 3-5 drinks. It was normal. It was nothing. No sweat. Oh, half price margaritas on a Monday night- I was there.

So if I were to honestly answer that same question now, I would probably try to beef up the numbers a bit and say 10. But sadly, it’s more like 5-6 drinks a week. Now I know that’s fantastic for my body. I know it’s better for my well being, skin, bones etc. But when, in one night, I double that per-week number, I feel like ass the next day.

And then there are the embarrassing moments. Like the days where I’ve had TWO glasses of wine and feel poo-ish the next day. There are days where I can have ONE beer, yes, one beer, and feel a little woozy. Being the girl who could keep up with the guys, the girl who made it 46 minutes into a power hour in college, being the girl who actually had 21 drinks (beer and shots) on her 21st birthday and woke up the next day feeling fine, I am embarrassed.

So, here I am… feeling like poo, probably smelling like it too. Strangely, the most difficult part of my ‘day after’ drinking is my sore back and neck. Starting in the middle of my spine, going up through my shoulders, neck, back of my head and around to my forehead, it aches. It’s sore and tight and achy and throbbing.

And why, you might ask, don’t you just stop drinking 5 drinks in one night? The answer, my dears, is because I am an idiot.

(but bookclub was awesome last night)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Bookclub tonight, at my house. I'm so excited to see everyone, talk about the first book I've ever chosen that I think the majority will like. Finally. I'm a terrible book-picker. Which is too bad b/c reading a book you don't like really stinks. Although I think one of the worst books chosen in recent history was the one most talked about. I mean, lets be honest, we don't talk about the book for a long time. Sometimes the book conversation may even go for 10 or 15 minutes! Crazy. But mostly, it's just girl chattering and wine drinking.

So the book I chose was Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, recommended by a coworker and my Gram. She read it for her bookclub- Isn't that awesome? Though I don't think she and her lady-friends drink too much and chatter about sex, marriage, babies and boobies... or maybe they do... it's neat that she and I read the same books. I liked the book (so did she, by the way). It was light and optimistic yet describes a really awful period of time (post-WWII-English Channel Island) and the friendships that developed and how it brought people together who might not have been brought together otherwise. I really liked it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend of Culinary Feasts

This is a weekend I wish I had a camera that worked...

Our weekend started as any other normal weekend begins- Friday night, home eating, vegging out on the couch, husband sleeping by 9, watching (or sleeping through) the recorded shows from the week. We don't have many, thank goodness, since my husband truly can't stay awake past 9 on Friday. He's just tuckered out and once he falls asleep, I watch the shows that he doesn't particularly like. But Saturday... Saturday was Valentine's day. What that means in our household is a fatty feast. We don't tend to 'celebrate' St. Valentine, no cards, no candy, no flowers, but we DO eat like it is a holiday. We don't opt for the lower fat options, we don't choose from cooking light. We splurge. And we have dessert. So we decided on garlic and herb stuffed roast beef with twice baked potatoes. Now, the 'stuffed' part means we sliced holes in this gorgeous hunk of beef and stuffed whole garlic cloves into the body of the meat. It had this amazing layer of fat which I knew would flavor it absolutely perfectly. We have some herb plants in our kitchen window and opted for rosemary and oregano and salt & pepper. Simple and PACKED with flavor. The potatoes were made with roasted garlic, sharp cheddar cheese, green onions and sour cream. Oh yeah, the were AWESOME. We also had some frozen veggies which we both devoured immediately so we could enjoy the decadence without filler (veggie) interruption. The meat was beautiful. Almost too rare, which is impressive and delicious. The potatoes were a perfect accompaniment. Oh and dessert! Here's a recipe for you.

1 package of chocolate chips
1/2 cup peanut butter
3.5 cups rice crispies
1 and 1/2 cups mini marshmellows
little ball sprinkles

Melt chocolate chips in microwave by cooking for 2 minutes, stirring ever 30 seconds. Mix in PB. Then add to marshmellows and rice crispies. Line 13x9 inch pan with foil. Coat with cooking spray. Add mixture to foil-line pan, press down with wax paper. Sprinkle with little ball sprinkles. Chill for 1 hour. Cut and eat.

These are really awesome. I added some mini marshmellows on top too. This is ridiculous. How can rice crispies be so damn good. WOW.

So then we move onto Sunday... My little niece turned 3. She had a fairy princess birthday party, complete with a castle cake and many pink things. It was great and the FOOD. Oh man. So we brought scones, there were blueberry crumb cakes, cornbread/egg/sausage muffins, egg and potato breakfast burritos, hash brown casserole thing. The food was SO good. The cake was amazing. And while everyone was nervous of cutting the 4 layer (plus one layer) castle cake, my brother stepped in and did a great job. The frosting was really good. I mean, coming from a non-frosting eater, this was good stuff.

And then there is Sunday night. We had dinner at Jenna, Brian and Luke's house. Luke missed out at delicious risotto and broccoli and chopped salad. But he seemed to enjoy his 'chicken' dinner and green beans. But he would have really liked this risotto. It had sun-dried tomatoes, olives and goat cheese mixed into it. YUM! Topped off with the rice crispie thingies for dessert, what a great weekend.

BUT! It's not done. Today IS a holiday! Which extends the weekend one day. I decide to give a go at Shephard's Pie. I wasn't too sure what to do. Our family has this great recipe for ground meat, brown gravy, caramelized onions and mushrooms. But I didn't have enough onions to do caramelized ones, so I just did ground turkey, brown gravy enhanced with fresh rosemary and mushrooms. I put on the bottom of a deep dish and then layered some corn on top of that. Then I attempted mashed potatoes. I added sour cream, herbies, cheddar cheese, I kind-of re-created the twice baked potatoes, some butter and half-and-half and added that on top, bake at 375 for 45 minutes (prob could have gone about 15 minutes longer actually) and voila! WOW.

So after a weekend of feasting, and the wrapping up of our painting project, I feel fulfilled. Or just full.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Painting Results

Newly painted bedroom with accent wall

Our newly painted bedroom/closet doors
(even the ugly chair still matches sort-of)

Our Newly Painted Mantle and Mirror

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Send wishes of love and hope to my friends today

It's 8:06am and I already have my ipod in my ears to drown out the negativity surrounding me. Today needs to be a day of positivity.

My dear friend's new wife is having her mastectomy today. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 days before their wedding. They told very few people before their wedding. She started chemo 4 days after their wedding. After 3 months of chemotherapy, she received an email from her surgeon saying: "the cancer has melted away! I can see very little residual disease--it is really an excellent result." So today she will have the infected breast removed and then, I believe, begin radiation treatment. She and her husband have bravely and openly been keeping a sobering account of their experience at this blogsite. Please think positive thoughts and send wishes of love to them both today.

Please think positively today for everyone out there who need it. Especially my friends Jenn and Daylan. I wish for a sunshiny day in San Francisco today, too. She deserves to wake up, cancer-free with some sunshine. But I think cancer-free without sunshine is a very close second. Thinking of you both!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

We make a really good team

It is 5:38 pm, Sunday February 8th. I can't remember the last time I was this physically exhausted. My body aches in places I forgot I had. It was a balmy weekend but the only reason I got out of the house was necessity. I ate spontaneous meals. I did not solve world peace. I don't think I thought of anything but I accomplished more I ever thought I would and my husband and I are still on great terms. It's weekends like this I realize how awesome of a team we make.

We painted our bedroom. Chilled Chardonnay and Liberty Park, yes, two colors, one for an 'accent wall' (can you tell we're addicted to HGTV?). We also painted the trim (cream), removed the doors and painted those, the window sills and, hell, while we're at it, the mantle and that ugly mirror above the mantle. Yes. Can you believe it? We did ALL OF THAT and we're still speaking. In fact, we didn't get into a fight at all! No bickering, no arguing, no pissed off-ness (I know that's not a word, but you know what I am talking about). We made 3 different trips to the store, mostly b/c our project kept growing and growing- more paint brushes, more roller pads, a new roller, a new paint tray. We did overbuy the chilled chardonnay (never a problem before) paint color. We did 3 coats on the walls (one coat of primer to cover the pepto bismol) and two coats of color. We did the chilled chardonnay first on the majority of the walls. Then the Liberty Park. As we were painting it, we both were in awe of how absolutely stunning the color was. I looked at my husband and said 'you know, it's too bad we didn't...' and he shhhh-ed me. We laughed. He was just waiting for me to say we could have done the whole room this gorgeous green. But I have no regrets. It looks truly beautiful. What a great job we did. The walls were finished in record time, which is when we expanded this project to the doors, window sills and then the mantle. We have (er, had) several gallons of the cream color we've adopted as our trim color. It's really pretty, clean but not white, just really pretty. It's all finished now, after our expanded project, but get this... We've signed up for more- which no-doubt will result in a fight. We're really pushing the limits on this. But we're going to do the trim and windowsills in the office and bathroom. THEN we'll be done painting... until we start working on the basement.

The mantle project is one we've been talking about for a long time. We have all dark-wood furniture. The mantle was a light wood stain. When we first moved in we said we needed to do something with the fireplace b/c it was ugly. We removed the gold glass thing which made a world of difference. We got a beautiful decorative screen which really makes it look pretty and there is a candle holder which creates a lovely look. But when you step back and look at the room, there are all sorts of mis-matching woods. The floor, the coffee tables, the bookshelves, all different. It needed something. THIS is the something it needed. It looks SO pretty.

Wow, we worked so hard this weekend, I'm hardly ever more tired that my sweetie, but last night I think I was. Tonight, I think he's got me beat. He looks really physically tired. Poor thing.

We're still 'vacationing' in the guest room. Tomorrow we'll put the (cream) trim back on the walls and move the furniture back into our room. We'll put the doors back on and tape in preparation for the remaining trim to be painted. We need to buy some more paint, actually. So this project will probably linger on for another week but I've got no plans this week and might as well get some more home beautification finished.

I'd take a picture and post it but sadly, on Thursday, my camera has died.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jury Duty

So I had jury duty yesterday. I expected a very long boring day with a bunch of annoying strangers who were angry and scary. I was neutral about going to jury duty, it’s an obligation I was successful at missing for the first 4 years of my live back in CT b/c I moved around so much, but, it caught up to me. So I was called, I was not dismissed the night before, the weather didn’t close the courts, and off I went to jury duty. I arrived to a line outside the courthouse, went through the metal detectors, in an elevator and into a large room. The room had lots of seats, a big tv and two women who managed the whole event. As people’s names were called, and after the introductions we were informed there is a criminal and a civil case to be assigned to. There were less than 100 people in the room and after a bunch of names were called, me about 20 other people were seated in the room. We waited and waited, then were lead into a courtroom (which was a sign we were the jury pool for the criminal case).

We walked in, the attorneys and ‘accused’ were standing as a formal gesture of respect, while we walked in and sat. We were introduced to the judge, attorneys and the accused. We were told what the crime the accused was being accused of, names of potential witnesses were named a timeline was set and anyone who knew any of the people or couldn’t adhere to the timeline had to raise their hand to be potentially excused. About 8 people were excused. In CT, there are only 6 jurors and 3 alternates. So we were then excused and called back in to the courtroom one-at-a-time to answer questions while sitting in the box. You know the box where the witnesses sit, next to the judge, with the microphone while the typist records all the ums and uhhs you say? Yeah, that box.

So after lunch I was called into another waiting room right outside the courtroom. I was called in and amazingly I was nervous. Very nervous. I sat down at the microphone, the judge instructed me to answer the questions as I wish, if I didn’t want to answer any questions I was not obligated to. This made me wonder what the heck they were going to ask. So they asked me to tell them a little about myself. My background, education, hobbies, etc. I was surprised by this, why do they want me to tell them that. So I stumbled around it, said I grew up in ct, moved away and back 5 years ago, talked about my job and then sort of fizzled out. Then asked if they wanted to know my hobbies? I felt foolish but wasn’t sure what they wanted to know. So they said yes and I told them some of my hobbies. The question and answer session took about 10-15 minutes. It went from legal questions to very personal question. Questions about society, interracial marriage, discrimination, some were yes and no questions, some open ended and some were multiple choice. One asked if I thought a police officer’s testimony had more weight than a non-police officers testimony. I found this whole thing fascinating. They wanted to know my thoughts about being called for jury duty and how I would feel if I were chosen to be on this jury. It was crazy. And all recorded. At one point they asked a rather interesting question. Since I had taken oath to tell the truth I thought about it for a good time. It was weird, the typist must had caught up, everyone was waiting for my answer and it didn’t seem the right time to think out loud just to fill space. It was interesting.

It also made me realize how much of a big deal it was to be chosen for a jury. You’re holding the fate of another person in your hands. Heavy stuff. I was dismissed, I guess they didn’t like my hobbies. And feel relieved a bit.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big Weekend Coming Up...

We have decided to re-paint our bedroom ourselves. When we first moved into our house we painted three small rooms and our very large bedroom. The color choice for the bedroom was picked on a whim and the size of the room prevented us from doing a good job and taking our time. Instead, we just rushing through it and did a really poor job. In some parts you can still see the yellow peeking through, we obviously didn’t do a second coat- b/c the room was so big! The color choice was a poor one, you can see the corners were done with a paint pad, not a brush or roller- it just looks terrible and has prevented us from hanging pictures or doing much ‘decorating’.

So we’re learning… husband will go to home depot, sans me, to buy the supplies. I will go to the paint store and buy several gallons of paint. We will prepare the room on Thursday by removing the bed from our room and move the furniture to the center and will move into the guest room to stay in ‘the most comfortable guest bed in Connecticut’ **. We will reconvene on Saturday to start painting (I have a hot date with a friend to see a whacked out play Friday night so I get to skip out on the taping… thank goodness). We’ve chosen the colors Chilled Chardonnay and Liberty Park (we’re doing an accent wall). I suspect during the week we will remove the doors from that room and paint the doors, trim and windowsills. Please, wish us luck… we’ll need it.

**when we moved in together we had a long discussion as to whose bed will be OUR bed. After some persuasion, I won. But anytime we refer to the guest room, there is some mention of the comfort of the bed. We deemed it to be THE most comfortable guest bed in all of CT.