Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving and catch up

Our Thanksgiving was a complete success! We cancelled the plumber at 11:45pm after trying to plunge the toilet. That seemed to fix the crazy sounds and vibrating walls. I have no understanding of why that would fix this issue, but we'll just cross that off the 'figure this one out' list and move on.

Here are some photos of our bird, our spread and a very proud husband. I am so proud of him. The meal was a complete success, the turkey tasted moist and had flavor. The food was read at the same time. Nothing was burned and our incredibly sensitive smoke detector did not go off. Thanks to Jim, we also got a bunch of activities in- we went bowling, golfing, sky diving, Frisbee throwing. I really enjoyed playing Wii.

And then, on Friday, Dave and I headed out to San Francisco for the Notre Dame/Stanford football game- so long Charlie!- and spent some time with our friends. Then did some business stuff in the city. We got home last night to some major surprises in our basement- a crack, some mold and a need for some more demo. Oh boy... More details of our week and the basement to come!

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