Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowy Sunday

Today is a snowy Sunday. It is early, before 8am and I'm up... again. I'm not a late sleeper normally, but I rarely get up before 8 on the weekends. That's Dave's job. But this weekend I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with tasks to do and can't sleep. I want to get up and get started.

Yesterday morning I woke up around 7:15 and started laundry. See, our basement is finished. Well, allow me to rephrase that, the contractors are done. Now we (er, Dave) needs to paint and then there is more contractor work to do. But for all intents in purposes, once the walls are painted and the carpet is installed, the contractors will come back and finish the last few items and it will be ready for use. What that means is, now our house is FILTHY and we need to clean it. My parents arrive on Tuesday so we can't let this linger. The house is really gross. So I began laundry, and while I was in the basement I did some rearranging. They moved a bunch of stuff from our hide-away storage area. I moved some of it back and did some general dusting down there. It was filthy.

Then I resumed cookie making: I made two batches of Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie dough, from one of the 12 cooking magazines we get. I didn't realize how many gingerbread people I'd get from one batch so I went with two- planning to give a few to each of our neighbors. We live one a wonderful street full of mostly Italian folks who will probably be grandparent-like to the baby. Last year I made cookies for them and really enjoyed giving them out. This year, about 1/2 way through the second batch of dough I started to feel exhausted. My legs were sore from standing. Sore like I had worked out. I turned and saw all the dishes I needed to do and then thought about my list of stuff I had to do and started to feel anxious. But I pushed on (and used a bigger cookie cutter). After finishing the cookies and making the Christmas eve lasagna and washing the dishes I began to cry. I was utterly exhausted and it was noon. I was crying, I was tired and I just wanted to lay down. So I did. I cried my way into the living room and flopped myself onto the couch and had a few minute boo hoo, muttering something to the fact of 'I'm just tired' and then calmed down.

I decided then that I had overdone it. Again. And I still hadn't done my half of the cleaning, it's my week to cook (which means grocery shopping) and it all felt too much. So I wiped my tears and took small steps. I did a chore, then sat and relaxed. I watched CSI and then resumed cookie DECORATING (what was I thinking with Gingerbread people?). I watched What Not To Wear while decorating. And Jersey Shore and Say Yes to the Dress. But after several hours of mind numbing tv, cookies were decorated and filled (yes, they are sandwiches too). Ok, making progress. (there are no photos of these cookies because my camera was up a flight of stairs... sorry... oops, due to our computer freezing and shutting down I had time and energy to go get my camera and snap a few shots)

Then I did something quite out of character for me. I asked for help. Yep, I asked Dave if I could bribe him to do the grocery shopping this week (we alternate cooking/shopping each week so when it's his turn to cook, he makes the list, grocery shops and cooks that week and same when it is my week.) I'll still cook but the idea of grocery shopping and doing all the other stuff still on my to-do list seemed daunting. And I have well deserved and desperately desired plans with my girlfriends at noon on Sunday. He agreed, for no cost, to do my grocery shopping this week. Thank you sweetie pie!

Last night we went to see The Rat Pack: Live at the Sands Christmas show. It was Rat Pack impersonators doing a show, just as thought it was way back then and in Vegas. It was surprisingly fun and a great entertaining night filled with comedy and Christmas songs. Dean Martin was probably the funniest with all of the jokes about drinking and his slurred words. They ad-libbed some Christmas songs too, the funniest was Rudolph. It was a pleasure of a night and I'm so happy we went.

Today it's snowy. It snowed about 6 inches last night, that blowy light fluffy snow. They estimated 8-16 inches, but 6 is a good amount. It looks pretty and quiet out there. I wonder if I can still see my girls today... I sure hope so. We'll see...

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