Monday, December 14, 2009

Pillows For My Feet

About 1.5 years ago I completed one of the most challenging tasks of my life. I completed a Body For Life challenge. As my reward to myself, and to kickstart another attempt at the challenge, I bought three (yes, 3) new pair of sneakers: one for weight-lifting, one for walking/ellipticaling and one for running. Then I tweaked my Achilles and took some time off from much of that working out madness. I've enjoyed the sneaks I bought and used them to their fullest capacity and still use the expensive running shoes for working out, but the others are more just for protecting my socked feet.

Today, on my first day back to the gym in what might be a month, maybe 3 weeks, my feet hurt. Badly. In my expensive, and 1.5 year old, running sneakers. I promised myself after my achilles injury that I would take better care of my feet. I will refrain from shopping at payless for uncomfortable shoes and instead wear supportive footwear. It occurred to me that my old, expensive running shoes might be expired.

I pulled the coupons out of the trashcan (I threw away coupons last night in an attempt to clean up) and brought myself to Dick's for a new pair of sneakers. Generally it takes me a long time to find sneakers because I try on so many different pairs. Since tying shoes is getting to be an aerobic exercise I wasn't looking forward to doing this in front of others. I actually wondered if someone would take pity on me and help a sista out by lacing up her shoes and slipping the sneaker onto my foot. But, lo and behold, the first pair was exactly what I was looking for... 'AHHHHH' I could practically hear my feet sigh, it was like strapping pillows to my feet. They felt supported and snug and I nearly bounced when I stood up. Sheer Bliss. Yay, my feet are happy! They should be treated nicely considering the extra weight I'm packing, they deserve a treat too.

So perhaps I'll hit the gym tomorrow too!

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