Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas (observed) and a new picture of the baby

Today is Christmas at our house. My parents celebrate Christmas with us on Christmas eve and we go to Dave's family's house on Christmas day. It has always been a day long celebration of food and presents and more food and today did not stray from those traditions.

This morning we opened our stockings while munching on cinnamon buns. We borrowed Dave's family tradition with this and everyone bought something for each others stockings. What was especially nice about borrowing this tradition was that we did not get deodorant and lotion in the stockings, they were actually filled with fun little gifts.

Next was shrimp cocktail and prosecco. YUM. Then we opened presents. It was really fun this year to get some presents for me, for us and for the baby. Gosh, the baby's presents were TEENY. But very cute. One of the favorites was the gift to my mom, a fleece personalized with 'Gramma' on it. You can't really tell it says Gramma on it in the picture, but it does. I think she liked it. My dad already has a Grampa Jack fleece but I thought it'd be a good and unexpected gift for her.
After presents we decorated the gingerbread people (with a new kitchen gadget). This was the result. Yes, there is a headless gingerbread lady with her head being held by a gingerbread man. There is also a pregnant gingerbread lady... that's me.

After the gingerbread person decorating, we had carrot chowder, except we called it tomato soup in order to entice my Dad to eat some. After he talked about the depth of flavor it had and ate a whole bowl did we tell him how healthy it was and the real name of it. This is also a Dave's family tradition. It is really delicious soup.

Now everyone is napping. I've cleaned up, checked out my loot a little more carefully, read some directions and started cooking the next course of eating: Beer Braised Beef on Crostini.
I am looking forward to Christmas II and Christmas III with Dave's family and then my brother's family. It'll certainly include more excellent eating and great gift giving and receiving.
Oh, and we spent some time watching our baby yesterday. Here is a picture of the little one. It is estimated to be 3 pounds, 10 ounces, give or take 7 ounces. Gender is still unknown. It looks cute as pie

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Belly Button Erection

My belly button is just beginning to 'pop' so last night Dave and I were looking at it and kind of poking it. Then the baby moved and I started to laugh which just made us laugh more b/c my belly was jiggling. Then Dave started pointing and laughing even harder. I look down through my tears and saw I had a belly button erection. The button stuck out like a little erection. I nearly peed my pants we were laughing so hard.

I wonder if I can get a photo of it....

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend and 28 week belly shots

What a weekend. Wow. After this weekend I feel so very accomplished. Between Christmas shopping and even the shops I stepped into this weekend, not to mention money spent, I did good. I did get a bit sidetracked and picked up a few items for me... but well, isn't that what Christmas is all about? Few more things to pick up (for me and for my dear husband) and I'll be done. I didn't get the cookies made that I was hoping to but all of my goals were flexible.

Here are some belly shots. Still feeling good. Tailbone and pelvis are achy. I made it to the gym today and the evidence of my cold are still lingering but I'm feeling a LOT better. Thank goodness.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love my belly

Can I please express how much I love my belly? It is big. It is losing it's shapely button. It jiggles like a bowl full of jelly- sometimes because the person in there is moving around and sometimes because I'm laughing. I could just sit and watch and feel it for hours. I just LOVE it.