Wednesday, November 25, 2009


We are hosting Thanksgiving this year. We are expecting Dave's parents and his brother for dinner. Dave found a bunch of recipes online which allowed for many items to be made ahead of time. So today, while I laid on the couch under blankets wishing my sniffly nose and watery eyes would go away, Dave made practically all of Thanksgiving dinner. I am truly a lucky girl.

Tonight, after a minor meltdown about overpriced prenatal vitamins (irrational, I know) we noticed our pipes rattling. Not when water is being used, but when water is not being used. There is a slow hum before the rattling happens. It has increased in frequency to somewhere between 1 and 15 minutes, it hums and rattles.

We called our water company and we considered it an emergency- are our pipes going to burst? Is this being caused by the water supply? We had no idea but didn't want to risk a flood. The water company guys came out to take a look and said there is a leak somewhere and believe the rattling to be caused by our new, one-year-old toilet. So tomorrow, along with Dave's family, we will be entertaining a plumber- hopefully they will find this is under warranty. Awesome.

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