Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Next home project

We always talked about making our basement more usable. It’s finished, but it’s really not finished.. It’s dark, the carpeting is very thin and the door leading to the bulkhead is hollow (not at all insulated). So we talked about making the basement a living space/TV room once our guest bedroom (soon to be baby’s room) and tv room (soon to be guest bedroom) get occupied.

It occurred to us that once we have a baby, it probably won’t be easy to get a worker in and not completely disrupt our lives. So we decided to, along with getting a new oil tank and feed line, redo the basement before the little peanut arrives. We have 3 people scheduled to give quotes and two in the wings. Last night we had the first contractor and his helper come along. They spent a fair amount of time looking around and writing up a quote. The quote seems fair, a bit higher than what I think it needs to be, he encouraged negotiation. We liked the thoroughness of the quote and I liked the way they talked. I initially thought they sounded like they are Dracula, from Transylvania. But they mentioned they’d speak to each other in Russian.

I think Dave wants to hire them because the helpers name is Igor. He’s little too. Sometimes even the most rational people (Dave) make irrational decisions. I’m game with going with these guys simply due to the fact that the helpers name is Igor too. And because they sound like Dracula.

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