Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Happy News

I was reading a 'good' news article today about a guy who won the lottery. This lovely 76 year old retired corrections officer won $6M. And what did he say about it? He said it's 'like getting the best piece of cake in the world'.

Seriously, how precious is that? The man won $6M. He compares it to eating a lovely confection. I want to have a phrase like that and use it regularly. I mean, I like cake. But I think I'd take a crunchy chocolate chip cookie over cake. Although I've had some seriously yummy cake. And does a cinnamon yummy (crumb/coffee cake) count as a cake? Hmmm...

I saw our baby today. I was looking at my belly when I was laying on my back (something they tell me I shouldn't do anymore) and it moved. My belly did a kind of wave. Not a hello/goodbye wave- THAT would freak me out, but like an ocean wave. It was neat. I was poking at it trying to make it do it again but it wouldn't do it on command (go figure). I'll attempt again, with an audience (Dave), because it was really neat. Baby is growing nice and big (or maybe that's because of the cookies and cakes...) but it is beautiful and I love to feel it bouncing around in there. I feel great- good energy level, healthy, sane.

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