Thursday, November 5, 2009

At least I'm not alone...

I received this email today from a dear friend who is pregnant, due one month before me. I feel no guilt in laughing at her. Yes, you read that correctly. I am laughing at her, not with her. I welcomed her to my loony bin. For those concerned, she's doing much better tonight, but still has a little heartburn. Hang in there Kim! Here's her note:

I have a true story about my morning for you. I think Baby B is trying seriously making me CRAZY. I woke up at 2:30am thinking I might be hungry. By 3am I could not resist the urge for cereal so I got up for an hour watching tv and happily eating my cereal. When I tried to go back to sleep my mind started wandering and ALL I could think about was a sausage egg sandwich from Starbucks. So weird because this is so off the "normal" craving list lately and I have not been able to even say the word egg for about 5 months. Not to mention again that I had just eaten a whole bowl of cereal. So I stayed awake for the rest of the morning thinking of my sandwich and not getting ANY sleep.

After hours of staring at the ceiling I got out of bed and headed to work. On the way I stopped at Starbuck's to get my much thought about sandwich. I hesitantly ate the first bite because I did not know how my tummy was going to react and I was driving so things could go bad quickly. Amazingly I ate that beautiful sausage egg sandwich in about 10 seconds and didn't even flinch at the roof of my mouth burning because it was still so hot. Can I tell you I haven't eaten ANYTHING with so much enthusiasm for MONTHS. It was so good in fact that when I thought about it I burst into tears and cried the whole way into work.

I've dried my tears, have no more skin on the roof of my mouth, made it to work, am EXHAUSTED and have heartburn like CRAZY (god bless the inventor of tums), but I kind of want another sandwich. I have less then 100 days left of being pregnant then the real hormonal roller coaster begins. Am I going to make it? I hope you are having a MUCH better Thursday morning than I am and you got a little laugh at my adventures this morning. KB

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