Sunday, November 1, 2009

23 week belly picture

So the belly has grown. Certainly some shirts 'show off' the belly more than others. But even more exciting than the growing belly is that Dave felt the baby today. THAT is an exciting milestone. I don't agree with the comparison of butterfly flutters. I don't agree with the comparison of the fish tail, probably because I imagine a little goldfish. If someone said it feels like a 5 lb fish tail flopping around, I'd agree. But this is no mild little flutter. This is a thump thump. So Dave felt the thump today. And I LOVE that he felt it.

I wonder though, what is the baby doing in there? It is just trying out it's new motor skills and muscles? Or is it trying to flop around onto it's other side? Trying to get more comfortable? Trying to send a message? (more food, perhaps?) Just reminding me that everything is A-OK in there? Whatever it is, I LOVE IT!

Oh, and we got a gift from huggies today. How cute and little is this thing? I put a pen next to it for comparison. It is so tiny I can hardly believe it. It is things like this that make me very excited. Look how absolutely tiny is this.