Sunday, October 4, 2009

What we're excited about

So I'm trying to implement a new tradition for Dave and I, to every night say one thing we're excited about. Now, if you've met Dave and I you know I'm the excited/irrational one and he's the calm, cool and collected one. So while I know he IS excited and he tells me he is excited I'm desperate to know exactly what he is excited about. And while it is really like pulling teeth, our little game (er, I mean tradition) is telling me what he is excited for is fun. I love it. I wish he would play better though.

I'm excited for him to feel the baby, he's excited for the little one to fall asleep on him. God, how precious is that? I could just melt hearing it and now that I got a glimpse of what he's excited about I am desperate for more!

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