Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trip #2 to Babies R Us

We went again. Just to look. Again. And we didn't run out screaming, we didn't get into a fight. SUCCESS! We didn't really talk that much, but we looked more closely at things and shared our comments about various items (like a video monitor for the baby). We talked about things that we thought we would need and things we thought were silly or weird- like the teddy bear that makes womb sounds and hangs from the crib rails. Yes, the teddy hangs from the crib.

The item we spent the most time trying out is the chair/glider/rockers. The store has about 10 to try out and sit in. Most are lovely. Of course, the two we really liked are probably the most expensive ones in existence. We made no decisions, but feel more informed and closer to many decisions.

It's hard to imagine our house with all the stuff for a baby. It's hard to imagine our house with a baby living in it. But today I met a friend's 6 week old and my word, she was a cutie pie. I can't wait to meet ours.

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