Friday, October 30, 2009

Our baby, the pilot...

After a bumpy flight (in more ways than one) to Seattle, I believe our baby really enjoys flying. During the mild turbulence the baby was bouncing around as well. It was a joy to have some hours to just sit and just be. I think Baby must have enjoyed it too! Maybe it will be a pilot when it grows up.

Seattle was lovely, I had a great dinner with Aunt Liz and did some lovely work stuff. The people I work with make the trip truly pleasant and it was fun to surprise some of my clients with my big belly.

Speaking of that. My belly has grown (pictures to come tomorrow). My goodness, I was only gone for 4 days but I now look like I am having a baby. It is not a secret, it isn't just chubby, it is a baby. And the best part about it, Dave really loves it. He can't keep his hands off it. He makes this squeezing motion with his hands and just comes over to squeeze and rub it. It's beautiful.

I feel great. I feel happy and somehow assured things are going absolutely right. I feel mentally balanced (thank god) and aside from a few minor complaints, I feel great.


  1. Sounds like the trip was really great, I'm so glad!

  2. Can't wait to see the pics. Glad the trip went well and better yet glad that you are feeling so great!