Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Old Soul

Tonight confirms it, I have an old soul. I've heard the expression and after tonight I believe I have one. I joined our town Garden Club last month. So when I was considering joining this club, it did occur to me, but was not the driving factor, that I might be the youngest person by, oh, about 30 years. But considering my love for old people this could totally work out in my favor! Not only will I hang out with nice old ladies, but I will also learn some stuff about our garden? Perfect.

So I joined. The first meeting (September) was at someone's house, included wine and there was actually one girl younger than me! But mostly they were 25 years older or so. There is a nominal fee, once a month you gather to discuss various garden topics (next month is Bonsai!) and sometimes there is a craft. This month, was more of a regular meeting, at the community center, snacks and coffee (no wine) was available and October is a craft-making month. So tonight, I MADE this!

Yes, I weaved a basket. Like I said- Old Soul. But perhaps the most clear sign of this Old Soul is that by 9pm, I was ready to go home. And the old ladies? Nope. Sitting attentively listening to the meeting topics and after the meeting adjourned, they chatted, laughed, caught up with each other's families and lives. I booked out of there. It was WAY past my bedtime.

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