Thursday, October 8, 2009

Give up Law and Order and CSI... I could never!

Lately I’m obsessed with CSI, CSI:NY, Law & Order and Bones. I could just watch them all day long if the tv channels let me. I tape the old ones and the new ones so I can see what I’m missing. I love that stuff (with the exception of SVU).

I was reading a baby book a friend gave me which provides one page of fun facts or advice each day of your pregnancy. And last night I was reading the book and guess what it said. You’ll never guess. It said pregnant women should limit their watching of the following shows, in this order

1. Law & Order and all of it's derivatives (especially SVU)
2. CSI and all it's derivatives
3. All news channels
4. Oprah (skip emotionally charged episodes about survival stories, medical miracles and world hunger)
5. Judging Amy (it's all about kids being screwed up)
6. The Baby Show (at least for now)
7. MTV (why worry about your baby as a teenager for another 13 years?)
8. Reality TV (especially bug eating)

1 comment:

  1. ha! Super funny. What are you supposed to watch? Maybe all the medical dramas... like Grey's anatomy and ER... or all the cooking shows and eat... or tape all the soap operas and start to learn the story lines and characters now... so while you are on leave you will already be ahead. :) See you tonight!