Sunday, October 18, 2009

autumnal garden/yard cleaning surprise!

Aside from the snow that fell on Thursday, there were signs telling us it was time to winterize the yard and garden. We laid a bunch of mulch several weeks ago, but needed to do things like bring in the patio chairs and cushions, store the beach umbrella and chairs somewhere other than the garage, etc. There was a little gardening to do. Oh, and we needed to cut down our too-late-for-red-tomatoes tomato plants. It was a rotten year for growing and for tomatoes especially.

So I start hacking away at the tomatoes. It's a shame to cut down and throw away about 10 small green tomatoes (many had holes where presumably bugs got to them). Then I head to the Square Foot Garden that we loved so much. We planted some onions that we expected to fruit around now, but they looked lovely a green (a sign they are not doing what they are supposed to). However, the look gorgeous and smell like green onions, so that's how I'll use them. Of course, the broccoli was still hearty and producing small heads. There were some carrot stalks I yanked and much to my surprise, there were some impressive looking carrots connected to those stalks! Look what I found! Yes, it is the size of my hand:

So it looks like we'll be having carrots with dinner... all week...


  1. That is the fatest carrot I have ever seen!

  2. When I see the size of this carrot I remember the "The Turnip" fairy tale, if only it was times larger the story would have been retold.