Saturday, September 19, 2009

Home Goods StyleScope Test

So Katie over on had a link to take a test to determine your style according to HomeGoods. Now, I must say, the 'style' of my husband's and my house isn't really MY style, it's OUR style. And that's ok...I guess.

When we originally moved in together, trying to blend our furniture together and give his dark brown gorgeous leather couch and chair a little flair, we went out searching for throw pillows. We searched high and low and could not decide on anything. We went to Kohls, Bed Bath and Beyond, HomeGoods, Linens & Things- I mean everwhere- Sears, JC Penny. It was exhausting and I must admit, at one point I wondered why this process was so hard? And would EVERYTHING in our just-blossoming relationship be this hard? I still think we passed up the best idea, which was green and brown throw pillows and a brown and green platter that I wanted to hang on the wall like abstract art (found at HomeGoods). Dave politely rolled his eyes and walked away from me. We still joke about hanging a platter on the wall. And ended up going with various shades of orange throw pillows. But the green platter was, by far, the better idea.

Since then, our shopping/our style has gotten a LOT easier. We are practically professionals at picking out furniture, bedding, paint colors, etc. We are not afraid of color, especially on our walls, but the rest of our stuff is pretty bland and unadventurous- perhaps why it is so easy to choose furniture. In fact, all of our furniture, except for the ugly chair (see below) is some shade of bland brown. It sounds boring but with the wall colors and accessories (and throw pillows) it just works.

So I took the stylescope quiz and my style is "Elegant Classic". I'm not so sure that's MY style, but perhaps it is OUR style. I do consider the stuff we have as classic (or boring/timeless). The suggestion the quiz gave me is to work with color. Perhaps that's correct but we do have a shockingly bright green kitchen (with timeless dark brown cupboards and speckled granite countertops). We do have mustard and burgandy dining room with a wine theme (and a dark brown dining table and wine rack) and an orange tv room (with dark brown leather furniture and tv table) and orange throw pillows. We do have a guest room with a lovely colorful quilt and "fairy garden" green walls.

I'm not sure if 'elegant' really defines my style. Except for the ugly chair, my/our style is bland with a tad of colorful expression. But, I love Homegoods and I love to dream up rooms while I'm in Homegoods. I would LOVE an area rug for our living room (Dave does not want an area rug and fights me on this whenever I bring it up) or some fun accessories and furniture to start decorating our soon-to-be baby's room...