Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Tom

Everyone knows about my lust for Tom Brady. He’s sexy, strong, powerful, sweet and golden. In short, I love him. He was my boyfriend for a long while until he married that hideous beast named Giselle. He is a funny guy, he’s a football icon and so sexy. He does some modeling, but the modeling he does and the endorsements he chooses are unique- like Stetson cologne. Stetson? Come on Tom. The cologne you can buy at the drug store? Oh Tom. You would think Giselle would put a stop to that. She seems to have some good business people surrounding her considering she makes more than he does each year. But I digress…

So this week Tom was on Entourage on HBO. Entourage is a good show. I’m not sure what I like about it, but it’s a great way to spend 20 – 30 minutes each week. I was excited to see my ex-boyfriend’s HBO debut. And sadly, I was disappointed. He looked uncomfortable, distracted and somewhat unhappy to be there. The only time he had the slightest (and I mean SLIGHTEST) hint of movie-star quality is when he talked about Giselle… oh Tommy, you can do better than that! You are a hunk! Give it a little try! Put some emotion and emphasis in your voice. Show me your glowing smile. Move a little.
And why is he wearing a sweater? It’s LA. He looks kind of dork-ish… in a golden sexy sort of way! Oh I’m disappointed…

Here’s the weird thing, I found this picture online… now THIS is a show with Tom I could watch! We can see some skin, imagine him working hard, getting sweaty in a field of tall grass… where can I see THIS episode? Did they photo-shop him into this picture? God he’s hot… and why is he holding a goat?

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