Sunday, August 16, 2009

Late Summer Harvest

So I haven't been neglecting the garden, but with the strange summer weather we had in June and July (cool temps and heavy rains- including a tornado) some of our plants just didn't take. The peppers (jalapenos and bells) and eggplants were duds. The day after I put them outside, the temps got cold and I think it just stunted them. Some of our tomatoes are working but one died. We enjoyed some incredibly spicy lettuce early summer and are looking forward to some autumnal lettuce too.
Our carrots, onions, broccoli and sugar snap peas have been our edibles. The peas have been fun and exciting to watch (and eat). The broccoli grew really tall with one head and then the secondary shoots popped off too! Overall it's been a little fun and exciting as well as disappointing. But, we'll do it again next year since this years weather has not been ideal. So here are our short stubby carrots. They aren't as orange as I expected, but maybe I yanked them too early?
We also harvested some blackberries. Now don't be confused, you're right, I never mentioned PLANTING these berries. But remember those pesky, thorny, suffocating-my-lovely-garden weeds? The ones that I have to go out and hunt for at various times during the summer b/c otherwise they will take over that area of the garden? Yeah, well those are wild blackberry bushes. Apparently I missed this bush when I was hunting. It is on the outer side of our garden and when we finally discovered it we decided to wait and see what berry it produced. These are quite tart/sour, but might make great muffins!

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