Saturday, August 29, 2009


So we’re finally moving into the new age of electronics. We’ve discussed, at length the idea of getting a new tv. We talked about getting one with our wedding money and mounting it on the wall but we both were very nervous about the wall mount. And after we moved into our house we realized we didn’t want a tv in that location anyway. So two years later and after truly appreciating many other peoples’ big, clear, hi def tvs, we got one. And it’s big (for us) 42 inches of pure plasma tv. Just in time for football and play off season (will the Sox even make it this year?) Oh yeah, check us out!

Now, the excitement of getting the TV was dampered a little bit by not fitting in my car. But after some seat moving and finagling and a promise from the sales guy it's safe and secure I drove very slowly and carefully home. We cleared a path into our house, it carefully was lifted from the box onto the stand and we sat down to see how it looked. Boy, it looks great. Then we started plugging things in and turning it on... nothing happened. For a while it was black screen. Then it was scanning for channels. Then it was snowy and scanning for channels. With Dave's deafening silence interrupted with a FUCK here and there, it makes for a bit more disappointment. I offered to take a shot at it and he didn't reply so I snuck upstairs to avoid all of that.

A few minutes later he comes upstairs and quietly asks me to get the number for the cable company, he has been on the phone with them 3 times. We've finally found some channels but they are def not in hi-def (ha ha, get it, def not in hi def?). In fact, the picture might have been clearer on my old 27 inch chubby tv. Cable company thinks the problem is a defective box (since TV and HDMI cable are brand spanking new). Dave is concerned it's something with the cable company (hence another call to them). They are generally quite helpful so hopefully they'll figure out what's wrong. What a bummer to have to wait 2 more days (after 2 years of waiting to finally get the stinking tv) to see this glorious picture.

Next on our list is a new computer with wireless Internet. oohhH! Very exciting, I know! Maybe we'll hire someone or bribe Jim to come down and set it up for us.

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