Friday, July 10, 2009

I've been blocked!

How dare they!? They blocked my blog? Do they really think that it is a violation of corporate policy to blog at work? Well, ok they might be right. However, what a stinker it is to go log onto my blog and can’t access it! Oh so sad. So I guess I’m restricted to doing actual work and blindly searching the Internet when I’m at work… or I can actually WRITE the blog while I’m at work but post it at night… hmmm… that’s an idea. WAAAHHHH… I want to blog!

So what’s funny about this situation is, I’m about to email this ‘blog’ from my work email to my personal email inbox. I can access my personal email from work. And similar to when I call home to leave a message for myself, I will be surprised when this arrives in my email inbox. I’ll get a little notification alerting me I have received a new email. I’ll get excited and mentally giggle and clap my hands together. Then I’ll to go my inbox and see it’s only from me. Funny how my mind still plays that trick on me.

It’s even funnier when I call home. The message often goes something like this: “hello colleen, this is colleen. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Please remember to –fill in the blank- when you get home. Thank you! I hope you are having a splendid day!’

And yes, when I get home I’ll see we have a message and I’ll think- hmm, who called us? I wonder what they’ll say? Then I’ll play it and hear my own cheery voice and giggle about the message. BUT at least I will do what the message reminded me of. And I’ll have a little giggle with myself. Ah, yes, the simple pleasures.


  1. I totally call and leave myself messages like that too!

  2. I text myself and then ignore it because I know it's me and then I forget about what I wanted to remind myself of. NOW, I text my work email... well, not now!