Friday, July 3, 2009

Anniversary Trip- Baltimore

We have often talked about how much fun it would be to take a trip somewhere to see the Sox play. It is unbelievably difficult to find reasonably priced Red Sox tickets at Fenway, so rather than spending a boatload for crappy seats, why not go somewhere like Toronto or Baltimore to see the Sox play and have a mini vacation and get better than nosebleed seats.

When we were choosing our wedding date, we really hoped it could be the date of our first/blind date (we met on, June 23rd. When choosing our venue we really fell in love with the Old State House in Hartford, we spent our 4th date there, at a brewfest- not touring the historic and beautiful old building, don't be silly. But June 23rd was not available so we opted for June 30th with the decision that we would consider the week between June 23rd and June 30th our annual vacation week.

Last year we spent our vacation week in Hawaii, courtesy of my friend, Liz, who got married in San Francisco on June 20th(?). This year, we went to Baltimore. Yes, a vacation in Baltimore. No, we don't have family there. Yes, it does count as a vacation. It was awesome! The city is so well layed out for able bodied people. We stayed in the Inner Harbor and took a self-guided walking tour to Fell's Point and then back through the Inner Harbor to Cross Street Market. Monday night we went to the game, Lester pitched. We had club level seats which made us feel like rock stars with air conditioned bathrooms! Tuesday, our anniversary, we planned a tour of Camden Yards but unfortunately they were sold out for all the stadium tours. So instead we went to the Sports Legends museum and then to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for lunch. Since my friend Rocky (Obama) recommends the place, I wanted to try it. It was really good. Then went home, cleaned up and met up with Laura and Steve, former Nutmeggers who returned to Phili about 2 years ago and are expecting twins in late August. Then went out for steamed Crab...

I envisioned my steamed crab meal for years- ever since Demi Moore and Tom Cruise went to a steamed crab place in A Few Good Men. I wanted a mallet, a beer and crabs. When we talked about where we could go for our anniversary, I didn't want fancy schmancy, I wanted good-old-fashioned steamed crab. So we went to the place all the locals suggested- Obryckis. This place was tucked in a neighborhood you'd expect to see on The Wire. Projects and boarded up buildings ran along both sides of the building. I'm glad we listened to the lady at the Visitors Center who advised against walking there. So we ordered steamed crabs and got our mallets and knives and beers. We waited for the crabs and they arrived with an odor. And I have to admit, but the end of our 12 crabs, I was skeeved out by them. Growing up in a lobster-household (Grandfather was lobsterman) we had lobster a fair amount- probably more than the average CT family. I can find all the delicious morsels of lobster meat real quick and am pretty handy with those lobster crackers. But crab... I could not. The flavor of the meat was good, but with the lobsters, you just leave the body alone. No need to fish around in the body encountering any innards, the lovely meat is in the limbs. Not so with the crabs, so you're fishing around in the body of the crab, encountering innards. yuck. But I'm glad we had our steamed crab meal and that I got no shell stuck in my throat.
The next day we head to Camden Yards again for the Sox/Os day game. This was the day after the 'biggest O's comeback in history' or something like that. The night before, in the 5th inning, game is 9/1-Sox, there is an hour rain delay. After the delay the Os come back and beat the sox 11/10. It was sad to see how it went down. Just hoping Beckett would pitch a good game at the day game, but he did not. The bullpen however did and the Sox came back in extra innings of our incredibly hot day game to win it. What a nice anniversary vacation!

Here we are, sweaty and gross. Wow, it was a scorcher at the day game.


  1. I have always wanted to go to Baltimore! I want to camp outside of Charm City Cakes!

    (Hi again, by the way. Its been a while since I've stopped by!)

  2. Yeah! I am glad you guys had such a nice celebration! Happy Anniversary my friend. =)