Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Had a Tornado!

It was a dark and stormy night (god, I love snoopy) though it wasn't supposed to be. I don't think any rain was even predicted! But as New England goes, the weatherfolks don't have a clue and storms can blow in and out real quick. So I see the sky get dark and the wind starts to blow. Two doors in our house SLAM shut and the carbon monoxide detector flies off the wall and the electricity dims, then brightens, then dims and then goes out (like in a horror film). I leap up and shut all the windows as the rain starts. The wind is blowing hard and the rain is going sideways. It begins to hail and the hail is about the size of a quarter, slamming against the window and me, the idiot, standing in front of the window watching mother nature and all her fury. The storm is over in about 20 minutes, and the neighbors come out of their homes. There was no damage to our home or yard or garden (although I thought the broccoli was beheaded). But as I walked to the bottom of my driveway, I see this:I walk around some more. There is serious destruction. Live wires laying in the road, trees making major roadways impassable and some homes damaged. Our next door neighbors shingles were facing up and his tomato garden was damaged. Our other neighbors basketball hoop acted like a toy you push down and it would spring back up... onto their car. One neighbor said that our area wasn't even the worst hit and that Old Wethersfield, about 2 miles from my house, was damaged most. So the next day I investigated.
In Old Wethersfield there are hundred year old trees pushed over, trees split right down the middle, branches 5 feet in circumference broken off. The town green looks like a tornado hit. At one point a sidewalk was pulled up about 4 feet.

Look below at the bench underneath the branch. It's just totally smashed.

The destruction is amazing. It's fascinating and scary how powerful nature is. Roads are still blocked, many are still without electricity (the poles and lines are laying in the street) but the fascination is still drawing people to drive around our town green. This storm was declared a tornado as of yesterday. Truly amazing. And I was the moron standing in her window taking pictures.

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  1. Not a moron... just an interested bystander. :)