Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So a lot of decisions have been made in this little head of mine and those decisions feel VERY BIG in this little head of mine! It's only kind to bring you up to speed since I've blogged about these topics recently.

So, I joined Facebook. Yes, I did. I feel like a new person and it's exciting and I kinda don't get it. I know that is strange to say but I excitedly check facebook to see the updates and after I read the updates I sit and wonder what the big deal is. Did I miss the Facebook bandwagon? We'll see. But I'm on there.

And I've begun my 10k training. Sortof. I have begun mentally preparing for the first training this Saturday and have been doing a practice week of training. It's been ok. To be honest, getting into any regular workout schedule is my challenge so it's a good time for me to commit to this but the other reason for my commitment is Luke's Mom has shown interest in joining me in this training. Maybe when she's out running Luke will actually update his blog. But he's pretty busy now that he's in daycare.

So that's the scoop. Wish me luck on Saturday! Oh, and my resolutions... I've been struggling with the 'read less' resolution and the Wednesday night running group but all the others I've been doing a great job!

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