Wednesday, June 24, 2009

There is a Mouse in our House!

Yes, we found a mouse in our house. I’ve never knowingly seen mouse poop but I wondered when I was sweeping the cupboard under the kitchen sink if those little things were mouse poops. I assumed they were not and didn’t mention it to Dave, just put it out of my mind. I haven’t SEEN a mouse, so what’s the worry? If a little critter wants to live in our house and is not eating stuff, just leaving little poops, what am I to do about it?

So Saturday, Dave tells me he’s caught a mouse. Yes, he was in the basement and saw a mouse and put a bucket over it. So, ok, we caught a live mouse. What do we do now? I immediately told him we have to put it in the freezer. I heard that once, when you want to kill your goldfish but do it in a way that is most humane, putting it in the freezer is the best way (as far as killing living things goes). Dave looks at me and laughs- ‘put it in the freezer? I’m not putting a mouse in the freezer’. I pictured it chewing through the bag I assumed we’d put it in as well as all other freezer items before the thing froze to death in our ground turkey. So we do a little research online and find some various ways we can wring it’s neck... neither of us are doing that either. I thought of my friend Laura who once caught a mouse in her husbands bathroom and just barricaded it in there until her husband came back 10 days later to find a dead (and presumably stinky mouse) in his bathroom. I said we could just leave the bucket on it for a few days but that’d be cruel to let the little thing starve to death. But knowing how little food we have in our house, he was probably starving to death to begin with.

That’s when Dave says the little guy wasn’t doing so well. He wasn’t really moving to quickly and wasn’t hard to catch. So we go downstairs to investigate and when I arrive I have to laugh. That is no ‘bucket’ he put over this mouse but an empty 16 ounce ricotta container we use to shake sand on our steps in the wintertime. This has got to be one tiny little mouse and one that doesn’t move very quickly if you could put a ‘bucket’ that has a 5 inch circumference top over it. So I pick up the ‘bucket’ and imagine this mouse about 6 inches long, white and brown- maybe I was picturing a hamster, but a large rodent nonetheless. But nope, there is the cutest, littlest fuzzy grey mouse I have ever seen. You know, the kind you make in kindergarten with a grey puffball and a pipe cleaner as a tail? The one where you dip your thumb in grey ink to make a grey thumbprint and draw on whiskers and a tail. Yes, that cutie pie little mouse. Oh, the cute little thing. But Dave was right, the little guy wasn’t doing so well. He seemed confused and very slow moving. When we shook the ‘bucket’ he just kinda fell over.

That’s when I decided this was a ‘man’ job and asked Dave to handle this. The thing was not in good shape, the little guy was on his last legs. I know the right thing to do is to put him out of his misery but he was SO cute! So my husband, the man of the house, would ‘take care’ of it. I asked Dave to ‘take care’ of it in the back of the house, not in the front so our neighbors can’t see. Poor little guy. I hope he’s in mouse heaven where there are mounds of cheese for him.


  1. Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud at the image of a mouse in your freezer. And then again remembering Laura's mouse incident!

  2. HA! I didn't REALLY leave it in there for 10 days, just 2 or 3- Steven was PISSED when he got home, too! To bad- that's a man job!
    On a somewhat related topic- he resuced a bunny the other day! Much cuter than either mouse (I still think the first was a rat) in either house!