Monday, June 1, 2009

Let the Resolutions BEGIN!

What a wonderful New England weekend. Wow. Warm sunny weather, great planting weather- we now have plants in every square of our 4x4 square foot gardening box! Oh my, plus 3 pots of tomatoes and 2 squash 'bushes'. I also made a small herb garden which includes a bell pepper and jalepeno plant. This is fun- oh man, I really hope we get some veggies from this garden. Please please plants, don't disappoint me.

So today begins my resolutions and I practiced them this weekend. Saturday I attempted a neighborhood jog when resulted in about a 50/50 walk/run. I must say I am quite impressed I even did it. I layed in bed starting to talk myself out of the run when I interrupted myself and commanded I get out of bed and go run! I'm a bad influence on myself sometimes. Dave and I took a walk. I spent Saturday afternoon-evening with my girlfriends. I did not read my book until Sunday night which I am proud of and as a result, I accomplished SO MUCH more. I weeded my closet and prepped my warm-weather clothes and I packed up my sweaters and boots for the winter.

However, considering my sorry attempt at a run this weekend, I'm terrified for Wednesday night's run with the running group. I will not talk myself out of it. Despite the achy ankle, despite the kink in my neck, despite the 'Day of Giving' on Wednesday which might make me tired, as God as my witness, I WILL run on Wednesday.

Happy Change-your-calendar Day everyone! And Happy Birthday Michael!

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