Friday, June 19, 2009

How does it work?

Ok ok, seriously this is crazy. Mind you, I am not a complainer about the weather. Other things, yes, but weather I am not. I appreciate Mother Nature and all her fury. And this weeks has been absolutely amazing. It's been raining for about 10 days now and while there are periods of brief sun for the most part it's been foggy and/or downpouring rain.

This week Hartford felt like San Francisco (I know, it's a stretch, but let me finish). My office is prepared for the hot weather that normally blesses New England this time of year with some strong blowing FREEZING air conditioning. Ordinarily this would be fine because the sun is shining on the windows, warming up the windows and the desks adjacent to the windows (mine) so the cold breeze from the vents feels like gentle relief. However since it is 55 and raining that cold breeze causes me to put a scarf on. Yes, a scarf. In June. Yes. AND, when my shirt, sweater and scarf weren't enough, I added from my keep-colleen-warm-stash a zipup sweatshirt. So meeting a friend for coffee I was all bundled up, on a foggy afternoon we sat outside (she was in a short sleeved T) and enjoyed lunch. It felt like San Francisco for some reason. The weather, the scarf and eating outside when ordinarily it's not eat-outside-weather all reminded me of SF. It was lovely.

Except it's supposed to rain through most of the weekend and all next week too. How is this possible? Seriously, can some meteorologist please call me and remind me how precipitation works? Where in the world are all these clouds collecting all this water to rain this much? My goodness, aren't the clouds tired of all this work? Don't they just want to cruise into summer kicked back and relaxed? Maybe they are in a recession too and working overtime for the time-and-a-half pay? Or maybe Mother Nature is really upset and taking it out on those poor overworked clouds. It is truly remarkable how long it's been raining. Maybe someone needs to spin the Earth a bit so this weather lands over San Francisco, where it belongs about this time of year. Not in New England.

Doesn't Mother Nature realize I've got vegetables in my garden that need sunshine to grow. Though they are getting enough water, some of those little buggers are just waiting for the sun to come in order for them to sprout another inch or so.

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