Thursday, May 14, 2009

When 'Local' makes it Big- Give me an effing break

Did anyone see this article? When ‘Local’ makes it Big-

This is repulsive. I am appalled. This actually makes me sick. Frito-Lays is coming out with a ‘locally grown’ potato chip? I ask you, what the hell does it matter if it’s a locally grown chip if the machines used the make and package the chips are using all that energy and creating all that pollution? The bags they use to bag those locally grown chips will not ever be broken down. Furthermore, are they going to limit the distribution of said local chip to only the area where it is grown? NO... Have you ever found a potato chip bag in the woods after seemingly years of rain and snow? Yeah, it still looks like a potato chip bag? While Frito Lay does own Sun Chips and Sun chips is starting to use a bag that is biodegradable, overall, these small, yet marketable, attempts at bettering our planet are weak and pathetic.

Like the ‘organic’ cookies (which merely means the wheat/flour is grown without pesticides), the processing of these potato chips will not change. The chips will still be wholly unhealthy snack items with the loose catch phrase of being ‘local’. They will still contain unnatural preservatives and unnatural ingredients, yet perhaps they will be organic AND local Since there is not regulating body for ‘locally grown’ food, there is no limit to what these big processors can say on their labels.

You can’t blame big companies from trying to sell more products to the uninformed consumer. But the idea of a local potato chip is sickening. I hope consumers stop and think about this claim for a quick moment before buying this. Buy your crappy potato chips regardless of where the potatoes are grown.

Or better yet, WALK down to your local farm stand, buy a potato from the farmer who grew it, bring it home and fry it in a skillet. Now THAT is a local potato chip!


  1. Perhaps you've never had a Glastobury Russet Salt & Vinegar chip?!? To die for.