Sunday, May 3, 2009

Twittery Blog

Does anyone I know Twitter? It's interesting, I just watched a video about it. You can make mini blogs in less than 140 characters. I think I'm too long winded and I am not on the computer enough to do it. Same with Facebook. I don't do facebook b/c I have about 30 minutes a day I get on a website like Facebook because it's blocked at work. So Twittering sounds interesting but I wouldn't do it enough to really make it worth while. That's what I think anyway. I read somewhere that you can follow Ashton Kutcher via Twitter. I wonder if his life is as exciting as mine, but I am not joining Twitter. But if i could twitter, this is what my weekend of twittering would be:

*Heading out for shopping and dinner with Jenn. Forgot my cellphone at home so going commando.
*Dinner was great, got 5 pairs of pants... now I need to get them hemmed. My tailor will LOVE me.

*Off to farmers market and Farm-Fresh breakfast with free gift certificate.
*Farmers market was sold out of asparagus, the sole reason we went. Only 3 vendors anyway.
*Dave liked spice store, got some good stuff: vanilla bean, chicken stock gook and cumin
*Planning walk to Dogpark with Jenn and Izzie. Excited to spend time with Jenn so much lately.
*Izzie did great at dogpark, except for mini dog/rat who kept licking her hoo haa. Too bad she can't feel pleasure.
*Pruned Rose bushes. Hope they don't die
*Fancy fish dinner and prosecco al fresco. Threw together couscous and zucchini sides. Look how beautiful that plate looks!

*opened another bottle of wine, husband sleeping on couch, several more glasses drank
*day of chores: grocery shopping, more coffee, protein nuggets, steak for dinner
*Raining, looks like I'm grilling in the rain- boo!
See, I don't think twittering is as fun as blogging. Sometimes it's worthwhile to write a story, with an actual subject noun and predicate (is that the right word?) I often skip the pronouns in sentences. I assume people can determine WHO I am talking about when I write something but it's nice to write full sentences and tell stories. I like when people can find the humor in life made from ordinary situations. Sometimes I think I can do that. More often I am impressed that other people are so good at it!
So another exciting weekend in CT for us. Saturday weather was gorgeous. But today is rainy and cool. I hope my broccoli is doing ok out there. It's not cold enough for a blanket to go on the plants, but we did have to turn the heat back on in the house. New England weather is so funny.

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