Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sunny SF and time with the Girls

Holy Moley, it's been a while. Wow, it's been a while since I've sat at my desk, it's been a while since I thought about blogging. And seriously, when time goes by, what on earth do you talk about? I (just me/solo) spent two weekends ago with my two friends Mara and Veronica in San Francisco. It was so awesome to all be together and I got ample time with each seperately and together. I could have spent weeks with them, but life sure does get in the way sometimes. Man, I had a great time. And- ahh, san francisco was HOT and sunny. Yes yes, Hot. I got sunburned, I sweated like a pig and loved it. After my weekend with the girls, I had dinner with my other girls- Vanina, Liz and Angela. It was also a blast to catch up with them, just the girls, like good old times. Really, there is nothing better than girl time. And then I had meetings/work all week.

The day after my return my parents arrived for Memorial Day weekend. It was great to see them! Although I really just wanted to be home alone with my husband, it was nice to see my parents. A weekend with my parents isn't exactly hectic, but it can be stressful. Planning out food and meals and cooking and drinks- oh my. It can be exhausting. The good news is they had a good time, we had a good time and slowly but surely they are getting used to my house (they know where the coffee mugs are). It was a great time.

AND, do you know what happens on MONDAY??? That's RIGHT- It's June. And June begins my resolutions. Although I need to change one of them... So here they are again- to recap:

Run every (non-raining) Wednesday night with Cathy at Fleet Feet, beginning June 3
Run in at least two 5K races this summer, June 6 and July 11
Be active 6 times a week (run 2x/ yoga 1x)- I changed this
Come home after work, tend to the veggies and relax/take a walk
Attend our town's new Farmers Market on Thursday nights from 4-7 and plan meals based on veggies bought, beginning on May 28th
Spend more time with friends

Things to do less: Plan Read Worry Stress Organize Nag
I'm practicing for June 1. Looking forward to it. I tried hard to not read this weekend and I got SO much done!

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