Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring/Summer resolutions

I'm borrowing Jenn's idea with resolutions. It's funny because I planned all my travel in springtime so I can be home in lovely warm New England for the summer. But, as a result, it makes a hell of a spring. Between quick weekend trips and biz trips and yard/garden work, I am absolutely DYING for June to arrive. Ahhh, what June means to me is ENJOYING the fruits of my labor. The garden (not veggies yet) is growing in perfectly. All plants are taking shape, the hostas grow from nothing to these big bushy mounds and we've got some flowers already. I've removed all the nasty weeds (but am due for another cruise through the garden on weed patrol) and now it's time to enjoy it.

But I'm feeling very overwhelmed. Even the magazines we get overwhelm me and the stack of books I want to read start to nag at me. I find I'm rushing home to read (which is supposed to be relaxing) and feeling like I'm still unable to keep up.

So, with a plan to be less busy, here are my resolutions:
Run every (non-raining) Wednesday night with Cathy at Fleet Feet, beginning June 3
Run in at least two 5K races this summer, June 6 and July 11
Be active 6 times a week (run 3x)
Come home after work, tend to the veggies and relax/take a walk
Attend our town's new Farmers Market on Thursday nights from 4-7 and plan meals based on veggies bought, beginning on May 28th
Spend more time with friends

Things to do less:

That's a good list I think. I need to re-read this the last week in May to be sure I know what I'm signing myself up for.

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