Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Restaurant Critic- On the Road- San Francisco

I ate at way too many places in SF, so I will just list out and give a 1-5 star rating for each...

Naan N Curry- Irving and 8th Ave- (lunch) 1.5 stars

Americano- Hotel Vitale- Embarcadero- (Happy Hour)- 3.5 stars

Perrys- Embarcadero - (dinner)- 3.0 stars

Ozumo- Embarcadero/Rincon Center-(drinks) 4.0 stars


Farmers Market at Ferry Building (breakfast) 4.0 stars

Askew- Marina - (lunch/snack/fast food) 3.5 stars

Café Pescatore (dinner) 0.5 star

Z- Clement/7th (brunch) 3.5 stars

Irish Bank- Alley btwn Grant/Kearney and Bush- (drinks)- biased 4.5 (see picture)

Park Chow- 7th between Irving and Lincoln- biased 4.5 stars


Monday (work began)
Park Hyatt (breakfast) 4.0 stars

Market Bar at Ferry Building (lunch) 3.5 stars (standout: crab deviled eggs)

Cortez- 550 Geary (dinner) 4.75 stars (food was outstanding, atmosphere was a little dull)

Yank Sing (lunch) Ricon Center- dimsum- 2.5 stars (it's been better)

Wine Merchant, Ferry Building (drinks)- 3.5 stars

Slanted Door, Ferry Building (Dinner)- 4.0 stars

Epic, Embarcadero (drinks) 4.5 stars

Anchor & Hope- Minna St (lunch) 3.75

Press Club- Yerba Buena Ave- (drinks) 5.0 -this place is awesome http://www.pressclubsf.com/

Amber - Yerba buena Ave (dinner) 3.5- food was good, overpriced indian food

So now I'm on a fruit and salad diet. Yes, I ate at all those places. Yes, it was over the course of one week. Yes, I can remember them by heart b/c I love love to eat in San Francisco. And yes, I did give one place only half a star. The food was pretty bad, but the company was completely wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable. It was just a very bad display of food and I'm sure the only reason it remains open is location (connected to our hotel in highly touristy area). You'll notice, I am biased to a few places. I love love love the Irish Bank. It's just awesome and I've spent many a drunken afternoon and night there. And Park Chow- the ginger cake with carmel sauce and pumpkin ice cream?? YUM! Plus, I enjoyed that with my SF Girls (the Sex and the City girls) which was just completely awesome.

I miss San Francisco. I miss my friends. I wish I could remain as close as we ever were but still have my life in CT with Dave. But I am so fortunate that my job sends me back there often enough to see them.

(**and now you know why those resolutions include so much healthy stuff? yeah, my body needs a swift kick in the pants to get back into shape)

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