Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend of Nothings

Well, that's not true, we did a whole lot of stuff but nothing really story-worthy. For those who had their noses glued to the TV because of the swineflu probably also saw that New England had record breaking warm weather this past weekend (in addition to the Red Sox sweeping the Yankees and some truly spectacular Boston basketball, despite the loss). It was just over 90 one day, a truly amazing jump into summer. This weekend we actually did a whole lot. We slaved over the lawn and gardens most of Saturday and then sat on our porch and read our books while our muscles and joints began to ache. Saturday night we grilled burgers and ate outdoors! YUM! Sunday we Marched for Dimes for charity and did some chores, bought some more dehydrated cow poo for our square foot garden:

Notice my fancy watering device is MISTING the garden. Yes, I found my dream watering device. You know, the one I wrote about weeks ago, yes, it's mine. I love it! Ok, back to the garden, don't be fooled though, it's empty except for two squares. One is broccoli in the square with the orange pot next to it (I can see it but I know where to look) and some peas are placed in the square closest to the hose reel. You can't see those, they are under the poo. SO FUN.

Then I did some of this:

It's a rough life, but someone has to live it...

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