Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm the plumber in this household, dammit!

Sleeping in, alone (husband to the gym) I awoke to the doorbell Saturday morning. I knew it was early, maybe 8:30, and ran downstairs to find the Ben Franklin plumber guy. Oh right, we were scheduled for our annual check up! Darn, so I got some pants on and let the guy in. Scot. With one t. So he walks in and explains what he is going to do (check all waterways) and will find me when he is complete. Perfect.

So I go about planting new seedlings for our square foot garden and Dave comes back from the gym. He heads upstairs to do some more working out/stretching and I go back to planting and watering the little guys when I realize Scot, with one t, has been upstairs for a while. So I head up to see what is taking him so long and whaddaya know? Scot is chattering away with Dave about a plumbing issue.

Now, I'm certainly no whiz when it comes to home repair but when it comes down to the two of us, I tend to be the solver. When the plunger in the sink wasn't working, Dave started pushing it down and lifting up from under the water, rather than fixing the stick thing under the sink. Heck last weekend I 'fixed' the toilet at my Grampa's house by installing a new chain in the tank. I am constantly fixing things by jiggling the handle, sticking my hand down the back of the tank, figuring things out and fixing them. I'm not sure I'm better at it, but I'm the get-in-and-figure-things-out gal and Dave is the let-me-do-research-and-maybe-hire-someone (sorry honey). When I was a kid I would follow my Dad around watching him fix stuff. I LOVED being his helper and handing him tools. If we had more tools (or a circular saw) I'm sure I would be unstoppable. But, for the most part, when something is minorly broken in the house, I fix it. Or at least attempt to.

So back to Scot with one t. So Scot_ is explaining to Dave about a drainage problem as I arrive in the upstairs bathroom and say, 'when there is something to discuss, I want to be involved'. Scot hardly hears this b/c he look is looking at Dave during the entire explanation. Dave can tell I'm peeved but I am holding it in and trying to be adult-ish about this. If something needs to be fixed, I want to know all the details. So Scot begins again looking straight at Dave, telling us the options (Snaking for absurd amounts of money, stuff to pour down the drain etc). He glances quickly at me but is talking to the MAN of the house. I wanted to jump in between the vision line and scream, "I'm the plumber in this household, dammit!'. But I didn't. Scot went about his business continuing on through the house and when he was done doing the initial check I (Dave wasn't around) asked him a question about the temperature of our water.

So Scot does some more inspecting and comes to a conclusion. He asks me to go to the basement so he can show me some things. I let Dave know that Scot has something to say to us. Not because I think Dave cares but because that was what I wanted to be done to me when they were upstairs talking about our home without me. So we go downstairs and whattayano Scot looks directly at DAVE and starts telling him the issue. WTF? I was the one who asked the question! I was the one waiting for the answer! Sure, Scot glanced at me. But even after I ASKED HIM FURTHER QUESTIONS he STILL looked straight at Dave with the answers. I asked about pumps, and pipe sizes and demolition and still, not an answer to me, the plumber of this household, but Dave. I was thoroughly annoyed. I sensed my sweetheart could feel the heat coming from my earlobes. We asked a few more questions, all answers directed to Dave. Final decisions were made, of course, by Dave and off went Scot.

WHY OH WHY don't people realize that girls (even cute little girls) can be good at BOY stuff. Just like boys can be good at girl stuff? I was the lead on this plumber visit. I ran point on this. I made the appointment, I did all the previous years work with the plumbers (I know a lot about basement faucets, truly). I actually know quite a bit about home fixings. I am good at that stuff. And I won't ever hire someone who doesn't consider me at least half of the decision-maker, if not the complete decision maker.


  1. I'm right there with you sister!

  2. Maybe, just maybe if you didn't put your pants on.....Scot_ might have been more interested in talking to you! Men...Can't live with em' Can't Shoot em'!