Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grampa's Garden

2007 was a busy year for me. There were some wonderful parts of the year (getting married, two honeymoons, buying a house) yet it was also the year I experienced a deep and profound loss. My Grampa died on April 18th. He was so special to me and we had a very unique and precious relationship. There is never a good time for a death, but it being springtime almost seemed like a cruel added touch, at the time. His funeral was filled with beautiful springtime flowers- daffodils, tulips, crocuses and the colors and flowers around him were enough to take your breath away. He was a fireman (but retired longer than he worked- God bless him) and the red tulips and flowers filled the room and his gravesite. Some of the arrangements were sent back to his house after the funeral and left at his house with the thought the bulbs would be transplanted in his yard.

But after thinking about it (and after trying to dig holes into the cement one calls earth next to his house) I threw down the little shovel thing in frustration and decided to take the bulbs home with me to plant in the yard of the soon-to-be-ours home. I kept them in sun, then the garage (two things you aren't supposed to do with bulbs) during the summer and one afternoon in September decided to shove them in the ground by our driveway in the seemingly last patch of un-gardened yard. After I planted them I wondered if they would grow. I hoped they would grow. And as I wished, Autumn became Winter and Winter became Spring and whaddayouno? We started to get some sprouts? Last year I took daily photos of these little sprouts as they grew, amazed that something I planted grew but also it was like Grampa peeking his little head out and reminding me the world is beautiful. I dubbed it Grampa's Garden.

This year, back from Jamaica we noticed some sprouts in Grampa's garden. With all the snow we've had this year piled up on Grampa's Garden, there were only a few days his garden wasn't white. Since then, I've been watching, waiting for some color to pop and today I spied some yellow. I especially love when the red tulips come out but they all are so special to me and a reminder to stop at Grampa's garden, even for a few seconds, and admire the wonderment of mother nature and to pause for Grampa's sake.

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