Thursday, April 2, 2009

And so it begins...

Ahh yes, this time of year brings the peek of warm weather, which prompts my ever growing ‘to do’ list. We were fortunate to live in a beautiful home with a lovely garden. We love the garden, the beautiful flowers and the herbs the former homeowner has left behind. However, the former owners did NOT leave an instruction manual with what to do, when and what the names of the plants are. This has been an interesting learning process, although it is an exciting and stressful learning process not anywhere close to being mastered. It is the time of year I begin deciding which new garden tools to buy (because I constantly lose them in the plants or dirt- why are all garden tools green or brown???) what color my new garden gloves will be (hot pink) and begin to invent various tools to help make this gardening year easier than the past years.

One of the things I am obsessed with is a bucket vest. I believe I’ve invented the name of this device, but I have finally found what I am looking for. It’s a device that wraps around a 5-gallon bucket to hold all my garden tools while providing a place to dispose of weeds. I’ve asked for this for all the gift-giving events in the past 8 months or so, but never got my most coveted desires. However, with the Christmas acquisition of a pop up weed bucket, I believe the bucket vest is now unnecessary. I do still desire a device to carry my various hand-held garden tools- kind of like a tool box for garden tools. This new desire is really one I find myself. I know what I want. Now I need to search for its existence.

Another thing I’m obsessed about is a soft spray nozzle for the hose. We have begun our vegetable garden, and since we’re starting those delicate little sprouts from seeds, they will be sensitive little ones in the beginning. A harsh spray will harm my little babies, and I need to protect them (from everything- frost, harsh sun, spray, rodents, wildlife, you name it). I envision this soft spray nozzle to have a long tube extending from the handle and a spout similar to those rainforest shower heads you can find in fancy hotels.

So a trip to Home Depot (or maybe Lowe’s) is planned for this weekend, I am excited to start looking for my new devices, my garden tool box and to get working in the yard. I’m thrilled to start envisioning the new growths and am still wishing for most of the plants from last year’s garden to grow again this year. Ahh springtime… I love it!

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