Monday, March 2, 2009

Ready for a Change... In Clothes

I’m not one to complain about the weather. After living in a place that has the wackiest weather I’ve ever witnessed (San Francisco), I am happy to be back in New England. There are so many differences about living in New England vs. San Francisco. The main one being seasons. Ah yes, hot and cold. So nice. Another is the color brown. Whoever says black is a universal color has not seen my skin tone. I look awful in black (the universal color of San Francisco) so I tend to wear it on my bottom. But brown, oh I love the color brown. Brown is lovely upon my skin and my unnatural hair color. Brown is heaven. But brown is a fall/winter color, not a spring or summer color.

You see, in New England, your wardrobe changes with the seasons. You put your sweaters away in the summer and your tank-tops away in the winter. You don’t need your flip flops in the wintertime, and you don’t need your boots in the summer. It’s just a fact of life. And what is so wonderful about the seasonal wardrobes is just when you start to get bored with your clothes, you swap them out for the new season ones! It’s so nice, like shopping… but not spending money.

So this morning, waking to a beautiful blanket of new snowfall, as I went to pick out my sweaters and shoes, I realized I’m bored with my clothes. I want some new clothes. I NEED some new clothes. But by the time I get around to getting some (I hate shopping) I’m sure it will be the time, at least the beginning, of my warm weather clothes and I thank goodness for that wardrobe swap.

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