Sunday, March 29, 2009


With very minimal sunburns, we return from our vacation relaxed and refreshed. Life at Sandals Montego Bay was tough. Our days mainly consisted of the following schedule:

8:00 wake up

9:00 head out to the beach, sun screened up, grab towels and find a great beach chair under an umbrella. Then head to breakfast

9:30ish, head out to the beach, read, relax, gaze upon the gorgeous ocean and people watch

11:00ish, beach bar opens. Bob Marley begins playing on the loudspeakers. Grab a drink (I preferred the Miami Vice and Dave preferred the Rum Runner) lounge, relax, drink, eat lunch

3:00ish, head back to our room. Continue to lounge, relax, read, drink (from our minibar)

6ish, head out for dinner, enjoy the entertainment

9ish to bed.

Yeah, it was exhausting. So the place was great. The beach was warm, but not too hot. The shade was plentiful and the breeze kept the 'feels-like' temperature at a pleasant 75 or so. It was perfect. The beach bar was really fun. All the bartenders have their own drinks. Dave enjoyed the 'Grant Special' quite a bit. I liked the frozen coconutie things. Ahh, really lovely.

We loved the location, got upgraded upon check in. What is rather funny is the hotel is REALLY close to the airport, which is one of the reasons we chose this resort. However, we didn't realize how close the airport was. When we walked out of our room, we could see, on one side the ocean and the other side the runway. Yes, the runway. So when planes took off, it felt like they were taking off from our room. It was amazing. But after a day you really get used to it. And it was a nice wake up call. First flights were at 8am.

The food was good. One restaurant had a strict dress code (we saw some people get turned away for their outfits) and the food there was amazing! This was the place that served authentic Jamaican cuisine served with white gloves. Our serve didn't wear the white gloves but the food felt like she was wearing them. It did not feel like we were at a place that was mass producing food. It was really quite good.

It was so relaxing to be away. We really did nothing. It was wonderful!


  1. So glad you guys had a great time! The Miami Vice was my favorite drink in Mexico!!

  2. Welcome back! Sounds like the perfect vaca!!!!!