Monday, March 16, 2009

Jamaica Mon

So the countdown has begun for our vacation. MAN, I am so excited. We're off to Jamaica for an ALL INCLUSIVE vacation. Yes, a swim up pool with drinks like the Hummingbird, the Bob Marley and the classics- margarita and pina colada. OOH YEAH. And several restaurants, the one I'm most excited about is the Jamaican one served with white gloves. Now, I have no idea why the white gloves thrills me. It seems silly considering how many times waitstaff probably dips their hands in someones dish, accidentally. It's just part of eating, but it does thrill me to pieces.

The reviews of our place all talk about the Jerk Chicken served beach side at some bar/grill type thing. We are BOTH excited about that too, though chicken doesn't make me excited, you have to eat jerk when in Jamaica, right? Our skin is too white, and hopefully remains too white for the whole week. Our eyes haven't seen bright sun in months and our plan is to just stay on the resort, no off-resort excursions. Not that the Dominican is anything like Jamaica, but after our Dominican experience (climbing waterfalls and jumping off rocks into rock pools, sliding down other waterfalls, tucking in elbows and knees but getting some nasty scrapes anyway) we'll stay on the resort, eating, drinking and sleeping our way through each and every piece of it.

I'm also thrilled because I bought myself two new bathing suits. I haven't bought suits in the last few years, and the last time I did, I was trimmer (read: bikinis) and now I'm not. So I have two cute tankinis which are fun and excited and I won't be uncomfortable swimming up to the bar and sitting to drink a drink. I am excited about the swim up bar, can you tell? I've never had the experience of a swim up bar. I'd imagine you have to get there early to really appreciate it, or hover until someone needs to pee... unless... you don't think, do you? That's gross!

Well, anyway, I'm thrilled. I just need to find a sprout sitter for our broccoli sprouts... any takers?


  1. Want to hear my beef with swim up bars? The stools are concrete. Not too comfy! Have fun!

  2. No shame in making jerk store jokes... no shame.

  3. I'm so jealous about your Jama-cation (see what I did there???)! I need one, too! Can you fit a large pregnant lady in your carry-on???

  4. Colleen You are SOO cute! I am surprised you've never experienced a swim up bar ~you'll love it! Think of me for about 2 seconds while enjoying your first drink!!